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Jordan Scheffelmaier

Jordan Scheffelmaier

Marije has definitely found her calling in this lifetime. This was my first past life regression and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! The physical space she has created is inviting, safe and comfortable. From the beginning, her capacity to hold space was noticeable and her natural intuitive strengths kept the session moving forward in a gentle yet healing way. I really appreciated that the session is not rushed in any way – it allowed me to fully experience what my soul wanted me to know at that time. I also really liked that she records the session so you can listen to it at a later date. She’s also just a super lovely down to earth person! I would highly recommend doing a past life regression with Marije.

Lisa Snow  Project Manager

Lisa Snow
Project Manager

Marije made the entire experience enjoyable. I found out such interesting things about my past and received some wonderful guidance from my higher self about my present (and future). Highly recommend booking a session with her!

Kelley Thompson   Project Manager

Kelley Thompson

Project Manager

Such an amazing experience - wow! Marije makes it sound easy, and it truly is. You won't regret letting her guide you safely into that space of letting the mystery take over! There is so much we can learn from ourselves when we open these doors, and this was an experience I'll hold close throughout my own personal journey.

Kasia Hupert  Photographer

Kasia Hupert

Past life regression with Marije is a one of a kind experience. Marije is very friendly and open, makes you feel comfortable and safe right away.
The regression blew my mind and was more than I’ve expected. It’s been a week and I’m still trying to piece it all together (oh, that rational mind is working very hard!). It’s amazing to realize we have all the answers, we just need Marije to open that door for us and let us in. Thank you!



I went to see Marije to get answers to my life purpose and if she could help elevate the pain in my shoulders.

 During the hypnotic state I learned of my life purpose is to help my family through support and guidance in their journeys. I also learned that my Soul Family are actually key people in my life today. During my session Marije asked my Higher Self if he could help heal my shoulders. My shoulders have been injured through many years of playing hockey and baseball. Only cortisone shots can help me manage the pain. A couple days after my session my shoulders were healed. The sessions are recorded and when I listened to the recording , I could hear how persistent Marije was in asking my Higher Self to help heal my shoulders.

I believe Marije determination, experience and professionalism made my session a success.

Clayton  VP Operations and Production

VP Operations and Production

My QHHT session with Marije was very rewarding. After the initial interview, Marije coached me into a relaxed hypnotic state, although I was still very aware of where I was. It felt very comfortable. My session yielded an interesting past life story set in the 1800s, where I worked as a ship's log on a naval vessel. The visualizations Marije coached me through were so vivid and real. They were thoughts, scenes and experiences I can not remember ever consciously having. This session made me aware of a skill I should be using currently in my conscious life - “journalling.” I was very successful of it in my past life as a ship’s log, and I feel it would help me organize and structure my work life. I will definitely do more of these sessions with Marije to explore my past life history.

Alexis Fooks  Life Coach

Alexis Fooks
Life Coach

Marije helped facilitate a wonderful experience for me. She is very professional and created a safe and comfortable environment for both the interview and regression. I would recommend anybody to see Marije if you are interested in connecting with your higher self and experiencing your spirituality.
Nancy McLean  Dental Hygienist

Nancy McLean
Dental Hygienist

I recently had the pleasure of a past life regression with Marije. Though the hypnosis, my higher self took me back to a lifetime that has impacted my habits and beliefs about myself in this life time. I was able to feel the feelings and fears of myself in a past incarnation and through the story that unfolded I was able to understand how the past life had impacted my self identity. These beliefs were self limiting and I felt I gained freedom from understanding where they were originally rooted. Since the past life regression with Marije,  I have more clarity and peace around my purpose in this life time. I found it fascinating to connect with my higher self and I found that I really liked her. I feel more connected to myself and I feel like I have forgiven myself more for my past mistakes. I would recommend this process to anyone seeking to understand themselves on a deeper level.
Melanie Kennedy  Relationship Manager

Melanie Kennedy
Relationship Manager

Marije is easy to talk to and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable right from the beginning of our session. She made an effort to learn about me, and our conversation before the regression helped me to identify areas I didn't realize were potential exploration points beforehand. She acted as a fantastic guide and was able to navigate through my session with calm and ease. I woke up the morning after my session feeling a strong sense of contentment - what a wonderful way to wake up! I would highly recommend Marije to anyone who is interested in regression therapy.
Julie Young  Professional Coach

Julie Young
Professional Coach

Marije made be feel so calm and relaxed before my session. Her guided meditation and regression was amazing and I learned a lot about myself and will apply it to my life. I would recommend to anyone who is curious about this practice.

Jennifer Thompson  Leader, Public Art

Jennifer Thompson
Leader, Public Art

I had an amazing experience! I would recommend Wonders Never Cease to anyone. It's incredible what you'll find out about yourself.

Kyla Filliol  Founder, Creative Director

Kyla Filliol
Founder, Creative Director

I sense that some people may be in contemplation of this experience based on it's unconventional nature, so I feel it's important for me to share that you're not alone...However, I hope you choose this for yourself with an open mind (and heart). -You'll be in good hands...Marije is a deeply kind individual and an excellent facilitator. Wonders Never Cease is aptly named, in that it fosters curiosity about one self and each individual's contracts with the past...More poignantly, how these unconscious blueprints of past experience can affect us in the now. Each session is unique and private. Wonders Never Cease is a gift everyone should gift themselves and that there's no better time than the present to experience a life liberated from the entanglement of past matters. I feel gratitude that chance allowed me to familiarize myself both with Marije and her practice; I am of the mind that her offerings are in true alignment with her purpose.

Chelsey Hazelton  Senior Programs Coordinator

Chelsey Hazelton
Senior Programs Coordinator

Marije is extremely dedicated to her practise and creates a naturally comfortable environment for her clients. She is very well read in this area, but even more importantly, she is extremely intuitive and guides her client along in gentle and helpful ways. Since our first past life regression session, I have been more in tune with myself and more open to the endless possibilities of health and healing.

Maria Spengler  Architect

Maria Spengler

Highly enjoyable and eye-opening from beginning to end. Marije took her time to ease me into this experience, as being comfortable is crucial to be able to open up an receive the distant memories of something what has been lived a very long time ago. It was quite therapeutic and inspirational to feel the emotions associated with the memories and recall the lessons learned. Like an echo through time and space, but as real as the memory of the past weekend. Big thanks to the talented, soft spoken, warm hearted Marije. I will definitely come back for more!

Deanna Delisle

Deanna Delisle

Marije possesses an innate talent for comfortably guiding and connecting her clients with past lives and the Higher Self.   Leading up to the regression, I was nervous and unsure what to expect. As soon as Marije began the session, those feelings transformed into feelings of comfort and safety.  She clearly explained what was required to get the most out of the experience and with her gifted abilities, was able to ensure a smooth flowing process beginning to end; a process that provided many insights and epiphanies that continue to resonate with me today.  I am forever changed and would recommend Marije to anyone.  Book an appointment today.  You'll be thrilled you did.

Rylan W  Patient Care

Rylan W
Patient Care

My session with Marije was fantastic. She is very thorough in her work to get to know you as a person, as well as your life history that has led to this point. She is warm and easy to get along with, I felt very comfortable speaking with her. Before the hypnosis session, Marije carefully went over the questions I had prepared and talked me through them. During the session she was good at getting me to speak more, as I often found myself to be quiet. Her guidance allowed me to get the most of my session. Overall it was a wonderful experience that I would recommend to many!
Juliana Lavell  Intuitive Mentor / Yoga Educator

Juliana Lavell
Intuitive Mentor / Yoga Educator

I had a past life regression with Marije and it was a profound and healing experience. She offers a comfortable and relaxing energy that makes it easy to drop into deep levels of consciousness. I found my session to be very insightful and look forward to doing it again.

Sharalee H.  Operations Manager

Sharalee H.
Operations Manager

Recently, I did a one on one session with Marije to explore my past lives. I went into the session with little expectation and a lot of openness to the whole experience. My session started with a talk about my life, up until this point. It was really nice to have a discussion with someone who was calm, empathetic, and that I could share a few laughs with about the good, the bad, and everything in between. This talk allowed me to relax before beginning the actual session. It cleared my head and created the opportunity to leave whatever was going on in that conversation so I could really maximize my past life experiences. The whole session is a process, with each detail leading you to the next moment. Marije took everything very calmly and seriously with how I was feeling and taking me to a place to reach those past lives. My recommendation to anyone who wants to try it is to truly let go and not over think anything. Whatever comes to your mind, allow it to be released. Marije really focused this detail with me and it was the reason my experience was so lovely. Nothing has to make sense at the moment. Once my session was over, it allowed me to reflected on my experience and I genuinely feel all of my past lives are 100% a reflection of who I am today, and why I am this way.

With Marije’s experience, it was so much fun to reflect on the details of my past lives, to see what stood out for both myself and her. Getting to record the session was a great way for me to go back and to hear everything I was saying to Marije because I was very active in my past lives.

I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about doing it, to go. Marije was an awesome facilitator of the session and I never felt uneasy worried at any point. The session is fully confidential and if you can allow yourself to let go and be open, your experience will be that much better.

Deneen Justason  Co-founder Solepath Institute

Deneen Justason
Co-founder Solepath Institute

Marije's guidance and teaching of what past life regression is makes the experience very easy to enjoy. Marije's tone and visual meditative guidance is relaxing,simple, safe and fun to do. I received a great perspective and guidance for my current situation that helped me to relax and trust more. 

I recommend Marije Terluin's as your regression specialist.

Kyla Duffield.  Office Manager

Kyla Duffield.
Office Manager

A unique and heartwarming experience! I couldn’t have asked for a better guide than Marije. She was friendly, thorough, and asked all of the right questions. If you are looking for an opportunity to change the course of your life forever than Marije is your woman!

Kerry Mudd  Medical Transcriptionist

Kerry Mudd
Medical Transcriptionist

I was a little nervous walking into this session as I did not know what to expect but Marije was amazing and put me at ease right away. Marije was so easy to talk to and explained everything so well. I was nervous about not being able to “visualize” but I followed Marije’s instructions and it was so easy. The session itself is hard to put into words but gave me so much insight to the reasons behind somethings I am struggling with. The ability to speak with your higher self was remarkable and I came away with so much insight. I felt so relaxed and at peace following the session. I’m so glad I found you Marije and I can’t thank you enough for leading me through this amazing experience and helping me gain so much wisdom about myself.

Cheri Champagne  Community Support Worker

Cheri Champagne
Community Support Worker

What? Wow.... A special and unique experience right from the beginning.. With Marije's soft spoken voice and great questions. I felt heard and seen! The past life regression was truly heart opening and flowed well into the questions I had for my higher self. Woo Hoo... I'm on the right path.. Thank you Marije for all you do for the people in this world.. and those in the ocean.. I would totally recommend Marije at Wonders Never Cease for an experience into yourself.

Laura Frostad  Owner Brow Salon

Laura Frostad
Owner Brow Salon

What an incredible experience!! I have been searching for something different to help get in touch with my higher self and Marije was amazing and just what I needed and searching for. I am kind of new to this, but totally open and she made it feel so natural and comfortable. It was incredible what came up for me and Marije made it so easy to get there and guided me though my experience perfectly. I walked away feeling closer to my higher self and on my right path. Thank you so much Marije, you gave me a priceless gift!