A past life regression allows you to remember and relive your past life, sometimes multiple lives. This can lead to a deeper understanding of current life themes, events, issues, patterns, and relationships. A past life regression can also provide you with the opportunity to clear, heal, and release karmic patterns that are no longer serving you.


The session consists of three main parts and typically runs anywhere between 4 to 6 hours. Your session can be conducted in English or in Dutch.


  • Reconnect with your creative flow.

  • Receive answers for questions about your life's path, health issues, psychological issues, relationships, addiction, spiritual issues, work, etc.

  • Release stuck emotions, karma and self-judgments.

  • Process and overcome trauma.

  • Relief from physical complaints.

  • Find peace from stress, burn out, addiction, depression and anxiety.

  • Transform old limiting beliefs into a more loving attitude towards life, allowing for a greater sense of freedom and increased self-acceptance.


Audio recording

Most of the time people remember much of their session as they ‘wake up’ but since you may only remember some of your hypnosis session, it will be recorded and send to you through email afterwards.


Private past life regression session cost 465 CAD, including GST.



You can book a session with me anytime of the week, during the day or in the evening, whatever suits your schedule.