A group regression workshop is a fun and easy way to experience hypnosis, and discover a past life that offers information that will benefit you in your present day life. It is basically a sample of what a private past life regression is. 


I will guide the group through  different visualization exercises that will eventually open the door to a past life. There will be many moments of interaction during the workshop.

What past life will you see in the workshop?

Most people have lived many lives; however, the one you will experience in the workshop is the one your higher self picks for you. It is the life deemed most beneficial for you to see at that moment in your present day life. Perhaps you are currently at a crossroads in life, or struggling with a certain question or complex situation - the past life you are shown will provide you needed guidance and insight. 


Doing a past life regression feels very much like a guided meditation. You are in a very relaxed state and will feel rested, and refreshed when the workshop is done.


Pricing for group past life regressions depends on the time, the space, and the amount of people attending. Let’s schedule a call or a meeting to determine pricing.


Next available workshops

Saturday October 18th 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Saturday October 26th - 6pm to 9pm


Passage Yoga Studio | 524 11th Avenue SW | $55 | BUY TICKET

SolePath Inglewood | 1329 8 Ave SE | $50 | BUY TICKET


Interested in hosting a workshop yourself?

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