What is past life regression?

A past life regression uses hypnosis to have you relive one, maybe two, of your past lives. The technique I use during a past life regression is called QHHT. Which stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. This technique allows me to guide you through one or more past lives and learn the lessons from that life. At the end of the regression I call forward your higher self and we get to ask it any questions you want. Therefor I always ask my clients to prepare a list of questions prior to the session. To get more information on how to create a list of questions, click here >


Why do a regression session?

A past life regression can lead to a deeper understanding of current life themes, events, issues, patterns and relationships. A past life regression can also provide you with an opportunity to clear, heal and release karmic patterns that are no longer serving its purpose. The information that you receive in a past life regression is entirely self-generated. 

Your higher self is directly accessible through the hypnosis technique that I practice. Your higher self has your wellbeing as its highest priority, and can provide you with the most beautiful, and powerful answers to your questions. Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing experience, where you are always under your own control. You will feel like you are in a deep meditative state.


What is the higher self?

Some call it the higher self, or subconscious, over-soul or super-conscious. It’s the part of your consciousness that doesn’t embody itself when you’re born in the physical life. It remains on the other side, and acts as a link between the divine Source and yourself.

Your higher self knows why you have the challenges that you have. Your higher self is the very essence of who you are and holds the accumulated knowledge from all your lifetimes. It is the wise teacher that that speaks to you through your ideas, feelings, and intuition. It can heal and evolve you as you bring its high, fine vibration into your body.

Your higher self wants you to live your life purpose and experience a fulfilling, wholesome life. Therefor it will choose to show you a life that will benefit you and motivate you, and help you take the next step in your present-day life.


What does the QHHT technique entail?

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. QHHT is a powerful hypnosis technique to access that all-knowing part of ourselves that has been called the higher self.

When we incarnate on earth we forget our previous lives and connection to our soul. QHHT enables all people from any background, culture, religion or belief system to engage with their higher self, since it resides beyond the conscious mind. Sometimes mental and physical ailments are rooted in trauma from past lives; sometimes they are connected to lessons being learned in a person’s present life. The higher self reveals the cause and will assist according to any soul’s particular lessons.

Read more about QHHT here >

Who is doing the QHHT session?

That would be me. I am Marije (pronounced ‘Mariah’) Terluin. I am a certified QHHT regressionist/hypnotherapist. Read more about me here >


Where does QHHT come from?

QHHT was developed over 50 years by the renowned regression hypnotist and writer Dolores Cannon. Click here for more info on Dolores Cannon >


Which past life am I going to see?

Your higher self picks the life you will see in the session. It will take you to the most appropriate time and place to explain the issues/happenings in your life. Often the life you see will have lots of synchronicity between your current life issues, patterns or relationships.

It will show you scenes relevant to your questions and what you need to move forward in life. You can be shown scenes from your early childhood, other times and places, or even abstracts to explore. The higher self chooses the scenes and they are always very relevant to what is happening in your life at this moment.

Will I see a past life that scares me?

Your higher self knows what pre-birth plan you had before you incarnated into this life you’re living now, and it wants you to succeed in this plan. It wants to empower you and motivate you, it will not show you anything that will frighten and block you, oftentimes it’s quite the opposite.

Will I recognize people while under regression from my current life?

It is very common for my clients to see people that they know from their current life. Oftentimes the context of your past life will explain why your relationship with someone is a certain way. This can give great insight and inner peace.


Will I be completely out of consciousness during my session?

Not at all! You are very much in control of your own behaviour and of what you’re saying. You will be aware of where you are during the session. It is almost as though you are at the two places at the same time. Plus you can still filter what you say.


What are the possible results of doing a session?

  • Reconnect with your creative flow.

  • Receive answers for questions about your life’s path, health issues, psychological issues, relationships, addiction, spiritual issues, work, etc.

  • Release stuck emotions, karma and self-judgments.

  • Process and overcome trauma.

  • Relief from physical complaints.

  • Find peace from stress, burn out, addiction, depression and anxiety.

  • Transform old limiting beliefs into a more loving attitude towards life, allowing for a greater sense of freedom and increased self-acceptance.


What is it like to be in a deep state of relaxation?

Hypnosis is a safe, relaxing experience. You are always under your own control – not under mine. I use a guided meditation and induction so you can easily calm your mind and relax. Once your brain waves slow down enough, the connection with your higher self is made. You will feel like you are in a deep meditative state. You can think of it as having extreme focus. You will be able to speak freely of your past lives knowing you are safe to experience it. I will facilitate your session by asking questions. When the session ends, you will be brought gently back to your conscious state. The regression will be recorded, and you will receive a copy.


Do you have to believe in past and/or other lives?

Not at all. I have guided people to see their past lives even when they don’t personally believe in reincarnation. You only need to have an open heart and be willing to learn.


Will I remember what happens in the session?

It depends, you might remember all of it, or none of it. Most people remember what they’ve experienced but it can fade quickly when you’re up again. Each session is unique. As long as you are relaxed the session will go well. The session will be recorded so that you can listen later and hear what might have faded.


Where will the session take place?

You can choose to have the regression done at my home studio in Garrison Woods, Calgary, or in your own home. Your home needs to be quiet, and there can’t be any interruptions. If you wish to have a session done in your own home, please disconnect the phones and let people know you won’t be available between the hours of the appointment.


How long is the session?

A session generally takes anywhere between 3 to 5 hours but could run longer or shorter. There is only one session scheduled per day and we’ll take as long as you need.

Is the session confidential?

Yes, your session is confidential.

Is hypnosis safe?

Completely. Hypnosis is a technique where you are always conscious and in control.  A hypnosis session is more like a vivid daydream. Most people are not aware that they actually go into a self-hypnotic state throughout the day - every day. The trance-like feelings you experience while working on your computer, driving, reading a book, watching TV or a movie or daydreaming are all states of trance characterized by focused attention. You will be able to hear everything around you but the sounds will not bother you, similar to how we tend to tune out the sound of crickets on a warm night or planes flying overhead; they just become part of the background. Each person’s experience is unique but they leave feeling very relaxed and feeling great afterwards.


Is this anything like the hypnosis I’ve seen on TV?

Not at all! The hypnosis you have likely seen on TV is called stage-hypnosis, where you have no self-control. With the QHHT technique that I use you are very much in your own control and do exactly what you want, and filter what you say. The hypnosis I use in my regressions is the same hypnosis/ trance state you’re in all throughout the day. For instance when you’re on your phone, riding a car or watching television. Because you’re focused on the phone/road/tv you’re not picking up all that is around you. And this is simply called hypnosis. 


Will I lose control of what I say or do during a session?

No, you will never act against your best interests or values. Although you will be in such a relaxed state that it may cloud your memory and conscious interaction at times. You will never say or do anything that will leave you exposed or vulnerable. So, in this sense, you are totally in control.  If your conscious mind is concerned, at worst you would not be able to go into the relaxed altered state to begin with or may interrupt the session. It's important to note here that you will also have the opportunity during the interview process to get to know me and address any concerns.  A high level of trust and respect is a vital part of the hypnosis process.


What if I can’t be hypnotized?

The only people who can’t be hypnotized are those who don’t want to be. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so it’s really up to you. The trance state is a naturally occurring process and it is very easy and non-invasive to access it.


English is not my first language, should I be worried that I default to my first language during a regression?

You do not have to worry about that because you will be very much aware and conscious during your session. I had this same worry the first time I did a regression myself because I’m Dutch and English is my second language. But quickly I noticed that it was no issue at all.


What is the best way to prepare for my session?

Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods and don’t drink any coffee in advance. The more meditation and grounding you do before a session, the better. Also, approach it with an open mind with no expectations. Like anything, as soon as you release yourself from any expectations from a pending experience, it has the opportunity to pleasantly surprise you as it unfolds. See more info on how to prep here >


How much does a session cost?

A past life regression cost $465 (incl GST)

Payment options are e-mail money transfer or cash. Payment is required before the session. The amount will be refunded if session is cancelled at least 2 days before the appointment.

Cash payments can be completed at the time of the session.

Will I remember anything after the regression?

You will not be asleep. You will be conscious during the session. Most people do remember all or most of their session but it’s like when you wake up from a dream and remember it vividly but then it fades away. For some, it may feel like you were asleep and are unaware of what was said but your higher self will still be having a conversation with you. 


What can I expect to feel after the session?

This varies widely from person to person. Most people feel relaxed and need to use the restroom more than usual. It’s not unusual to feel tired a little while after the session. You might have interesting dreams, so keep something handy to write them down before you forget them.


How do your clients react after having done a session?

Read for yourself in the reviews page >


What happens after my regression session?

We will discuss the past lives you have seen. And the answers and insights your higher self has shared. We will together make the links to your current life and find the synchronicities. My clients often experience many epiphanies during this part of the session.

By doing a past life regression, you open the door to your higher self for 3 days. So after your session it is very likely you will get more insights, intuitions, and messages. Pay close attention to your dreams as the higher self often communicates through dreams. This is done through symbolism, so I advice you to write down your dreams and figure out what those symbols mean.

I will record only the past life part and the part where I contact your higher self.  This audio recording will be emailed to you afterwards. Listen to your session often to gain the wisdom and insights from it, this will provide great benefits.


What should I do with the recording?

Listen to your recording at least a couple times. My clients often think they remember everything that was said but find out by listening to their recording that there are different layers of messages in their session. Additional details may come up which were not grasped or understood during the session.

By doing a regression session we open the door to your higher self. This door will be opened for 3 days. After the session more information may come to you in the form of intuition, ideas, or epiphanies. This can also show in your dreams. Messages in dreams are often in symbolism. So pay close attention to your dreams and try to decipher the symbolism.

Whenever you listen to the recording you’re opening that same door to your higher self again.  And again you will have a stronger connection to your higher self for the 3 days following. 


How many sessions will I need?

Most people will only need one session but follow-up sessions can be scheduled later to work on other issues.

Can I bring a friend or relative with me to the session?

You might have a curious friend or family member that might want to come to your private past life regression session. Unfortunately no guests are allowed during a private session. They can of course join in on a group regression. See more info for group regressions >


Can I go back to my regular work after the session?

After the session it’s good for you to relax and have something to eat. Its best if you don’t have to work so you can take some time to process what you just experienced.


Can I have a session done in Amsterdam?

Yes you can! I visit my old hometown on a regular basis. It is possible to book a regression session in advance. The session can be performed in English or in Dutch.

I’m interested in doing QHHT myself, do you have a discount code?

Yes I do! When you apply for Level 1 online class or live class you can get 10% discount. Please use discount code WONDERSNVR at checkout on qhhtofficial.com .